There's more to sales than most people know. Every step taken, every decision made in sales counts for the overall results of any company.

Beyond Sales Simulation is a real-time sales simulation to discover the real customer development experience and act as a real professional making strategic and executional decisions. In this simulation, when it comes to decision making, the participants will be calculating every variable, keeping a constant budget in a volatile market and confronting the customer demands.


The key success factor is focusing on shopper and the customer at the same time. The simulation is designed neatly to demonstrate the Unilever way of contemporary sales.

The simulation is followed by a Presentation phase in which the participants are asked to pitch their ideas to the jury. The subject of the presentations will be around Selling With Purpose, which signifies the Unilever way of sales.

The last stage before the grand final is the Negotiation phase, which will be held on 8th February. On the Negotiation Day, 25 semifinalist groups will be assigned to representatives, who will play the role of the “purchasing team” while the semifinalist team will play the role of “sales team”. This will be an online session. You are expected to drive a discussion with the purchasing team and persuade them on why they should work with you further on, instead of a competitor company. The negotiation case will be sent before this day. Throughout these sessions, we aim to test your negotiation skills through a real-life experience with CD Unilever team. Out of the 25, only 10 will be able to participate to the final stage. Finalists will be announced on 11th February.